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Gasboy Fueling System


Gasboy 3

If a College vehicle needs fuel, please fill the vehicle using our “on campus” GASBOY fueling system located at the Administrative Services Building (ASB). If you need to obtain a gas Fob for accessing fuel, see instruction below.

To obtain an on-campus Gas Fob, include vehicle license plate number, make and model of vehicle, your department name, the department head’s name and a (4) digit pin number (Create a pin that you can easily remember) for each person that will be driving the vehicle ( This applies to TCNJ Staff and Faculty only, Departments that have students driving college vehicles do not need pins ), please provide a contact person, phone number, and email address. You will be notified by email when the Gas Fob will be ready. Pickup will be at the facilities Department and needs to be signed out (no student pickup is allowed)

Please email  Jack Fehn at

If your assigned Gas Fob is lost,  or not working, email Jack Fehn at

Pumping Instructions;
Faculty and Staff using a Pin Number
Faculty, Staff, and Students NOT required to use a Pin Number

When you fill your Vehicle on campus using our Gasboy System, the College saves $0.20 per gallon, compared to filling up off-campus,  so please fill up before you leave.